The Christian Service Center Ministry provides clothes and house hold items to local community. This ministry started over 50 years ago and is a great way for the church to connect with the needs around you as well as grow closer to those who serve together. 

Over the past year, our “rallying cry” has become “I Love Yazoo.” We live among here, work here, and have committed to making this community better as we live out the love of God in practical ways. “I Love Yazoo” is a quarterly servanthood day where we gather for worship, followed by lunch, then we disperse in our community to meet various needs. Past projects include painting at the community sports complex, a school supply giveaway, our annual Fall Festival, and many more. Check out our calendar for the next “I Love Yazoo” Day.

Our international missions efforts are focused toward the Mapuche people group in Chile. The Mapuche are numbered at approximately 1,000,000.  Around 1% have a personal relationship with Christ.  They are spread across many different areas within Chile.  Some are in places relatively accessible, and some are in remote areas.  The weather can range from comfortable to very cold and snowy.  A majority of the people live away from main roads, where there occasionally may be a church. The church’s first trip to Chile was in January 2016 with plans to return at least once each year.
We are committed to seeing a church planted in Crest Hill, Illinois. Crest Hill is a southern suburb of Chicago with a population over 20,000 with very little evangelical witness. In an effort to minister to the community, a team worked with the Ridgeland School District in Crest Hill in August 2016, performing servanthood tasks and holding a Back to School Block Party with over 1000 in attendance. Ultimately, in conjunction with the Three Rivers Baptist Association and the North American Mission Board, a planter will be selected to begin a new church in Crest Hill, and we will be their biggest supporter.
Webster School Adoption
Webster Elementary School is located across the street from our church. After performing several of our “I Love Yazoo” projects at the school, we went a step further by beginning a classroom adoption, where each teacher is assigned a church member(s) who will pray for them, read to their students, donate classroom supplies, and provide assistance in the classroom and at special events.