By definition, Sunday School is the “foundational ministry in the local church.” We believe it is one of the best ways to study God’s Word together, fellowship together, and live life together. Sunday School begins each week at 9:40 am. Here are classes offered, the class location, and a short description.
Our preschool classes are full of fun. Our teachers understand the importance of teaching God’s Word, yet they also know that the children need time to play. Therefore, they masterfully incorporate both elements based upon the age of the children.
Bed Babies- Room 109 — Beth Ann Anderson
1 Year Olds- Room 110 — Mike Kilpatrick & Beth Harris
2-3 Year Olds- Room 114 — Jennifer McBride
4-5 Year Olds- Room 111 — George Anna Griffin & Walker Williamson
Our children’s department is for children in first through sixth grades. The Bible Studies for Life curriculum is used, which applies the truth of Scripture to the lives of our children. Children’s Sunday School begins in “The Temple” (Room 106) for upbeat songs, then divides into grade-based classes.
1st-2nd Grade teachers: Phyllis Odum & Heather Burrough
3rd Grade teachers: Bill Michaels & Gail Harris
4th Grade teachers: Sandi Woods & Debbie Regan
5-6th Grade teachers; Dan McLeod & Kim Newton
The youth meet Youth Room, upstairs in the Activities Building. Bill McGraw leads the Bible study and discussion from the Bible Studies for Life series, which speaks to the many issues teenagers face today.
College & Young Adults — Room 306 in the Education Building
This class is taught by Tiki Broome and focuses upon college students and young adults. The Bible Studies for Life curriculum is used.
Each of these classes are made of various ages so the age descriptions listed are very general. Regardless of age, you are welcome in any class. 
Roark Class (Young Adults II) — Room in the Education Building — taught by Pepper Bradford & Mike Williams
This class is comprised of couples ages 40-60 and studies topics of interest to the class.
Barton Class (Adults I) — Room 304 in Education Building — taught by Bobby Barton
Bobby Barton uses the Bible Studies for Life series to teach the class of couples and singles ages 40-60.
Dixon Class (Adults II) — Room 308 in the Education Building — taught by Phil Dixon
Couples and singles in their 30s-50s comprise this class, which uses curriculum that systematically studies various books of the Bible.
Atkinson Class — Room 302 in the Education Building — taught by Mike Davis
This class still bears the name of its original teacher, Ralph Atkinson, and was started when most of the class members were newly married young adults. Now, the class is comprised of people in their 50s-60s. The class uses the Bible Studies for Life series.
Harris Class (Adults III) — Room 307 in the Education Building — taught by Roy Harris
Using the Bible Studies for Life series, this class is comprised of senior adult couples in their 60s-70s.
Men’s Class  — Parlor in the Fellowship Hall — taught by George Jennings
This class has men from ages 50-70 (and some above) and uses the Bible Studies for Life series.
Ladies Joy Class — Room 206 in the Education Building — taught by Gerry McGraw and Paulette Kilpatrick.
This class is comprised of ladies in their 60s-80s, but no one asks a lady their age! 
Men’s “Anchored” Class — Room 208 in the Education Building — taught by Byron Pickering
This class is for men of all ages! They are going through different books and lessons as see fit by Byron & Tiki!